Speaker Date Topic
Mary Ouimet CEO Jun 07, 2022
Kenosha Community Health Center (KCHC)
Dr. Jandali Jun 21, 2022
General Surgery Froedtert South
Dr. Omar Cheema, Froedtert South Jul 05, 2022
General Cardiology
Taylor/Wavro Scholarship Recipient Luncheon Jul 19, 2022
Dr. James Kambol, Froedtert South Aug 02, 2022
Emergency Medicine and Wound Care/Hyperbaric Medicine
Dr. Andersson Aug 16, 2022
Kenosha School of Technology (KTEC)
Dr. Sarah Ramadani, Froedtert South Sep 06, 2022
Weight Management and Nutritional Services
Dr. Arvin Ahuja, Froedtert South Oct 04, 2022
Stroke Awareness
Dr. Anthony Zacharias, Froedtert South Nov 01, 2022
Sports Medicine