Speaker Date Topic
Maureen Sorensen - Plant Manager, Rust-Oleum Sep 17, 2019
First woman Plant Manager of a Rust-Oleum facility in 98 years.
Grant Awards Luncheon Sep 24, 2019
Alan Gegenheimer, D.O. Orthopedics Oct 08, 2019
Sports Injuries
Micheal Kopper - Pres., CEO, Founder Centrisys/CNP Oct 15, 2019
Centrisys is a world leader in centrifuge systems
Cameron Swallow Oct 22, 2019
Better Angels Organization

Better Angels is an organization uniting Red and Blue Americans in a working alliance to depolarize America. It is based on the value of love for others and that each of us can contribute in meaningful conversation, even if we don’t agree.

Gary Zaid, M.D., Emergency Med, Froedtert South Nov 12, 2019
Opiod Epidemic