Who: The Rotary Club of Kenoshathrough the generosity of the Taylor Family Foundation, Inc.

What: Two George W. Taylor Scholarships, one $3,000 and one $2,000,  to two Kenosha Area high school seniors.  The scholarships will be granted based on the completion of an essay focusing on a current economic topic.  The top two essay writers will be awarded the scholarships.  
When: Postmarked on or before - June 15, 2020.
Where:  Submit completed essays to:
Rotary Club of Kenosha - Attn:  Taylor Scholarship  
PO Box 577
Kenosha, WI  53141-0577
Why: This is a fantastic way to demonstrate your ability to evaluate an issue, present your thoughts, insights, position on the issue, and potentially earn some money to delve deeper into areas that interest you!
Topics in previous years required applicants to provide their personal views regarding the topic and required research to support their views.  The required mix was approximately 80% research and 20% creative writing.  
Since 2020 has been an unusual year to say the least, this year’s essay will be closer to 80% creative writing and 20% research. 
This year’s topic is “Misguided Demand?” 
The level of demand for a product, service, or experience greatly influences the price that people are willing to pay for the product, service, or experience. This in turn influences the compensation received by the people who provide the product, service, or experience.  
But can demand be misguided?  
We currently live in an environment that places a great deal of value on certain areas within our society that allows for large salaries to be paid to:
  1. Professional Athletes
  2. Professional Entertainers
  3. Corporate Executives
However, the coronavirus has created an environment of empty sports stadiums, empty theaters and concert halls, and has reduced corporate earnings for many industries.  
The coronavirus also seems to have increased the value that we place on health care providers, teachers, paramedics, grocery store employees, police officers, and others who are compensated at a level quite far below athletes, entertainers, and corporate executives.
Has misguided demand created an imbalance?  Does society need to re-evaluate what it values?
Suggested items to include in your essay:
  1. What is your position on this issue?
  2. Is it time to hit the “reset” button?
  3. What are the short-term economic and social effects of misguided demand/value?
  4. What are the long-term economic and social effects of misguided demand/value?
  5. Do we need government regulation?
  6. Will the system re-correct on its own at some point?
  7. How can consumers play a role?
  8. Is everything fine as is?  Should we allow the marketplace to function on its own?
  9. How would a re-balance affect the economy?
  10. Who is most impacted?  In what ways?
  11. Did the 1918 Flu Pandemic create any change regarding what society values?   
  12. Relating to this topic, what do you think will happen once the coronavirus is tamed?
    1. Will we see change?
    2. Will it be lasting change?  
The essay should be approximately 1,500 words. It is ok if you are a little over or under the 1,500 words.  It’s the content of the essay that is important.
Please provide a bibliographyof sources used.