Nancy Reese, Dean of Nursing at Carthage College spoke to us today about their mission trip to Honduras. They traveled along with World Gospel Outreach in June and plan to go back in January. These mission trips are dedicated to impacting health of the those in Honduras. In just 4 days they saw 816 people for medical and dental, washed the hair of 169 children combing out for lice. Each volunteer brought with them 2 bags of medicines and supplies, but there is now an embargo on meds/supplies, and they must be purchased in Honduras and not allowed to be brought in. This does help to stimulate the Honduras economy. They set up clinics at a church and a school, they provided eye exams and eyeglasses, and brought an autoclave to sterilize instrumentation for procedures/dental work. Students learned how to autoclave.  #1 cause of death for children is dental caries and the infection that comes with them. Polygamy is common and men do not stay with families leaving moms to fend for their self and children. People of Honduras live on $1.00/day, eating Chicken they raise, root vegetables and tortillas they make during the day. They are a very faithful community, with 97% some form of Christianity. The students also assisted with providing clean water units to 2 families and assisted in the Rotary Garden. Rotary supports three initiatives there: clean water, hygiene and fruits/vegetables through their Garden.  If interested in helping cover supplies/medications for their next trip, contact Kate Keenen, Nancy Reese or Paul Martino our Carthage Corporate members.  Thank you Nancy for your dedication to the people in Honduras.