Luke Fuszard, a concerned citizen spoke about the importance of civics education today. He started out by asking us some of the questions that would be asked on a citizenship test for the United States. Some of the questions were not the easiest of questions. He stressed the importance that high school students are not learning these types of things even though they are all citizens of the America and should understand the importance of civics. There are different expectations of high school students as they are lower today than they were 100 years ago. Public school systems have changed the foundation of their curriculum to cut out four weeks less than these student's counterparts of social studies today than in 1987. In 1983, Nation at Risk came out and had stated that ACT scores had been dropping. We want people to be educated on civics and to understand the duties of being a citizen in America. What can be done? We can release state level testing scores and we can lobby state government by prioritizing our classrooms.