Classification Talks:
Gerald Euting: Jerry is a 32 year member of Rotary, but he holds the record for the longest connection to our club  - 67 years!  In 1953 he was selected to Badger Boys State, but needed a sponsor, our club sponsored him under one condition...he was our program speaker upon his return and he did!  Jerry was born and raised in Kenosha, oldest of 4 boys and grew up next to what used to be the Hawkeye Turkey farm.  He graduated from HS, went to college and joined the ROTC. He spent the next 22 years in the Reserves. Hired as an elementary teacher at Grevenow, joined the association (today known as KEA) and became its President. He was then hired as Principal at Bain, followed by working in the Personnel office and being responsible for all recruitment, then put in charge of contract negotiation, ending his career as Assistant Superintendent for 10 years. He retired in 1992 after 32 years in the District.  
Greg Broerman: Greg grew up on a farm in a small town in Iowa, his mom and dad still live there, on the farm They raised cattle and hogs and he learned to work the farm and drive a tractor from a young age.  Greg's dad wanted his kids to also work away from the farm and see what else there is.  He has 2 brothers and a sister and only his youngest brother still farms. Greg attended NE Missouri State and obtained a degree in Business Administration. He worked for a company that made feed and moved to Quincy, IL. After being laid off, he got married, hired on at Edward Jones and moved to Watertown, WI.  He came to Kenosha after being asked by a friend and offered a job with Kenosha Savings & Loan and stayed on thru Advantage Bank, until M& I bought it out. It is at this time he left  and joined Johnson Financial (now Invest Financial). He and his wife have three children, a son and twin daughters.  His son now works with him and will take over once Greg retires in July 2021.  His daughters are both Special Ed Teachers.  Greg has been a member of Kenosha Rotary Club for 29 years and was a Rotarian for one year in Watertown. He looks forward to continuing as a Rotarian upon retirement.  
Thank you both, Jerry and Greg, for sharing with the club a bit about yourselves.