Speaker: Dr. Mike Rosenberg, an Interventional Cardiologist with Froedtert South. An interventional cardiologist is a cardiologist with additional education and training in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular disease as well as congenital (present at birth) and structural heart conditions through catheter-based procedures, such as angioplasty and stenting.   Interventional Cardiology (IC) is an area of medicine within the subspecialty of cardiology that uses specialized imaging and other diagnostic techniques to evaluate blood flow and pressure in the coronary arteries and chambers of the heart, as well as technical procedures and medications to treat abnormalities that impair the function of the cardiovascular system.  Today, only 5-6% of blocked arteries need bypass surgery, the remainder can be done by IC.  They are even now performing Valve procedures – Right sided/mitral valve without having to open the chest.
Prior to joining Froedtert South, Dr. Rosenberg practiced in Manitowoc and established one of the top 50 heart attack centers in the US there, with the Gold Standard of 90 minutes from care to treatment.  STEMI programs, which basically means identifying a patient experiencing an ST-elevation MI and using a lifesaving team and equipment to save lives.  He is replicating that here with the help of his colleagues. Part of this process was the need to consolidate all cardiac work at one facility (St. Cats), to provide better care and increased response time – cannot be in two places at one time.   Dr. Rosenberg works directly with our EMS, to do as much as possible while in field to get the patient ready.  They have very straight forward parameters to work with and if they do not know, they radio and ask. 
If you or someone you know are experiencing symptoms that could look like it is heart related – chest pain or discomfort-feeling weak, light-headed or faint – Pain or discomfort in the jaw, neck, or back – pain or discomfort in one or both arms or shoulders – shortness of breath – cold sweat – nausea, indigestions, heartburn or abdominal pain. CALL 911, do not drive someone or yourself to the hospital, it can make the difference between life or death.