Dr. Alfred Habel, pulmonologist from Froedtert South and a lifelong Kenoshan, spoke to the club about sleep disorders. He shared that when we are born, we need a lot more sleep and as we get older a bit less, but everyone needs at LEAST 7-9 hours/night.  Extended time w/o sleep can cause many health issues from seizures, concentration/memory issues, fatigue, poor performance at work or school to name a few.  Two types of insomnia: Acute – brief episodes of difficulty falling or maintaining sleep or Chronic – disrupted sleep that occurs at least 3 times/week for at least 3 months. In order to get good sleep, you need to treat the problem causing the lack of sleep, obtaining a history, running tests, blood work and if needed a sleep study.  The masks for sleep studies have come a long way, lighter, not a full mask, easier to wear and use.  Masks and tubing should be changed every 6 months.  Sleep studies can now be done in your own home with a small monitor that you Velcro around your chest, a finger clip to measure your oxygen levels and a tube that goes by your nose and mouth to Measure for apnea.  Contact a sleep lab and make an appointment if you think you may have sleep apnea or have insomnia problems.