Dr. Eric Rosenbaum, Urologist with a specialty in Men’s health and practices at Froedtert South spoke to our group today about 2 very important, but often difficulty to talk about – Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Enlarged Prostate (EP).  Although the topics are uncomfortable to talk about, they are quite common, and they have a large, broad, negative impact on health-related quality of life.  ED is found in 5/7 men. Diabetes plays a large role in ED, with 1 out 2 men suffering from issues with ED. There are many treatment options, oral meds, injections, implants are just a few of those. 
Prostate health is very important, there are 3 types but today he spoke on BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) or enlarged prostate. BPH is also very common, especially in men over 50.  By age 60, 1.2 of all men will suffer from some form of BPH and 90% by the age of 85.  Besides issues relating to sudden urination, weak flow, start/stop flow or inability to urinate, it can be a precursor to prostate cancer.  There are many treatment options for this as well, so do not suffer in silence and seek a Urologist out for help. 
Dr. Rosenbaum is opening a Men’s Center at Froedtert South Pleasant Prairie. On the 1st Wednesday of every month he will be holding meetings to address issues in men’s health.  See their website for more information.
Just a reminder: Anytime, but especially during these COVID times, please do not delay visits to your health professionals, your life could depend on it!