Club Assembly: 
Lisa welcomed everyone back and members were all very happy to be together in person once again.  Grateful to the Civil War Museum for hosting us and we all enjoyed our boxed lunches from Morelli's. Sadly, we lost a few members over our virtual time, but Lisa shared that this is a very exciting and important time for our club.  How do we design our meetings to work the best for our members.  How do we thrive and survive?  Do you prefer a hot meal buffet or is a boxed lunch ok?  Do you want/need linens and silverware or are you ok with plastic and bare table tops?  Here are a few questions to ponder over the next couple weeks and we ask you to please attend the meeting on June 22nd to have some discussion and make some decisions as it relates to the future of our club.
If you are unable to attend on the 22nd, we ask for you to send your feedback to Rita to share with membership and help us to make a determination:
1.Where do you want to meet? continue at Kemper? somewhere else?
2. How often do you want to meet? weekly? bi-weekly?
3. When do you want to meet? breakfast - lunch - dinner?
4. What would you like to see as the structure of the meeting?  continue with speakers - strictly networking/socializing?