Classification Talks:
Len Iaquinta- Len was born and raised in Kenosha and attended local schools. He started writing at a very young age and continues to write today. He was Valedictorian of his HS class and earned a full ride scholarship to NorthWestern, after graduating with his Bachelor's in Journalism, he attended Columbia University in NY and obtained his Master's in Journalism in 1967. He worked as a newsman in both Radio and TV in Madison after graduation. He was recruited by a former Dean at Columbia to do research, he moved back to NY  and a 6 month funded grant position lasted 7 years! Following this he worked for a non profit doing fundraising and attended the inaugural Nation Conference of Philanthropy. He was then offered a position back in Kenosha to lead the United Way and did this for several years until he was offered a position at North Western to create Alumni Groups and fundraising.  He did fundraising for several other universities and eventually came back home and began his relationship with UW Parkside, where he is an active fundraiser, contributor and teacher.  For the last 15 years, he has also been doing a Saturday morning talk show on WGTD Community Matters. Le sits on multiple boards to give back and help to grow civic, non-governmental agencies.  He has been a Rotarian since 2004. 
Susan Patterson-Sumwalt - Susan says there has been a variety of moments big and small that have shaped her over the years. Her mother died when she was 13 years old, leaving her 2 siblings and her dad. She is grateful for wonderful friends, who she looked to as second parents and considers them and their children her /family. She is married to Bob and has 3 sons. She joined Rotary in August 2018.  This time in her life as well as other clinical pastoral experiences led her to want to assist children and she began the Rainbows program for children who have suffered a loss one in Denver and one here in Kenosha.  She attended Garrett Theological Seminary and worked a summer at Boston College with a spiritual counselor and it is here that she received her calling. She came back to WI and attended Chicago Theological Seminary and completed her Doctorate.  She has been the Pastor at Methodist Church of Kenosha for the last 5 years.  She said the other life changing event for her was a hip replacement surgery in 1996, she woke up from surgery with a new outlook on life, had been overweight her whole life and lost 124 pounds and began eating healthy and exercising.. 
Thank you Len and Susan!!