Nathan Thiel, Administrator Village of Pleasant Prairie shared with us the plan for Downtown PP, located in the Village Green Space, between the Post Office and the Village Hall.  PP hired Master Developper/planner RINNA and they presented a concept plan. The plan was created with input from Village Residents. Over 160 residents participated and worked over 8 months every Thursday. The Master Development phase took ~ 6 months and they are moving into the PUD phase and will begin to solicit develpors for the pace and have them present their proposals.  Goal was taking the current space and preserving green space, add new components and keep centralized and create a self sustaining space that would be a low tax burden.  Addition of shops, restaurant, brewery and beer garden will assist with that.  Residential space as well and parking ramps are part of the plan, along with an amphitheater, 4 season activities and so much more! Their will also be a transportation hub planned for buses to drop off and pick-up and Uber/Lyft area. Their are bike and walking trails too.