Bryan Albrecht, President and CEO Gateway Technical College; Dean Ray Koukari Jr. of Gateway’s School of Manufacturing, Engineering and IT; Matt Kirchner,  President of Lab Midwest, as well as several others spoke today on GTC's Master Training Center for training in Manufacturing. Bryan spoke that Gateway has been serving this community for over 109 years and always being on the forefront of innovation/best practices. He discussed programs led by Cheryl Kothe from KUSD that help stuednts to learn skills, credentials and college credits while in HS, also REAL students (Racine Engineering and Arts Learning) attending classes as well. With Industry 4.0  knocking at the door, GTC created and introductory certificate program, which can then be a pathway  into a 2 year associate degree and beyond. Industry 4.0 refers to a new phase in the Industrial Revolution that focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data. Dean Koukari explained the term Industry 4.0 by saying a windmill would be an example of 1.0, moving water and wind. Electricity brought in Industy 2.0, and computer numeric control, or CNC is Industry 3.0. 4.0  is the interconnectedness with cyber and everything else. Gateway has a total of 4 Skill Bosses, Skill Boss machines can teach over 60 different skills on just one machine.  Mike Dietrcich, from GTC gave us a live demonstration. The goal of GTC is provide teacher training to increase our runway for opportunities of success for job ready skills, ultimately being a hub for teachers across the state/nation to be trained and bring that training back to their communities (Train the Trainer).  This training comes with a cost of ~$2500/teacher.