Today we held our 2020 Strategic Vision Planning meeting. We broke out into groups and had 2 board members at each table to serve as Facilitators.  There was a lot of great dialogue and a hearty thank you to everyone who attended and participated.  If you were not able to attend, we ask you to take some time to think about - What are your expectations from our Rotary Club?  What is your why and does the club help you to achieve your why? Is it meeting your expectations? What do you see as our strengths and what are our opportunities for improvement? What do we do well and where could we make improvements?   If you did not attend, someone from the board will be reaching out to you to assure that we are getting input from all members.  
Wednesday January 22 - several Rotarians were judges/pronouncers for the KUSD Middle School Spelling Bee! What an amazing group of students and faculty. Did you know that the faculty that are the team leaders at each school are doing this on their own time?  Practicing with students, providing spelling lists, etc.  6 Students out of 28 will be going on to the Regional Bee!