Kris Keckler, CIO for KUSD spoke to our members today. KUSD is facing a transformation like never before due to the declining birth rates. The first of many difficult decisions to come was the closing of Wilson School – which did not have enough students enrolled to support 1 grade/class period.  A Rightsizing Committee was formed made up of community members/leaders.  They meet every 3-4 weeks to review data and provide feedback to the board to assist with the difficult decisions that lie ahead for them. We have many “choice” options in KUSD and over 1/3 of students do NOT attend their neighborhood school, so simply re districting is not the only answer.  KUSD is the 3rd largest district in the state, and all are addressing the same issues.  Green Bay is discussing the potential closure of 5-11 schools. Racine is also amid planning on closures, creation of K – 8 schools, etc.  These are difficult decisions that must be made soon.