Today we came together to celebrate 100 years as a club.  The idea of starting a Rotary Club in Kenosha was proposed by Cecil Harris, brother of Paul, when he came to Kenosha in February 1921. He called on George W. Taylor, who then spoke to four other men, Walter J. Frost, Walter T. Marlatt, E.J. Geittman and E. L. Shipee. These five men and 20 additional charter members formed the Rotary Club of Kenosha. The charter was granted officially on April 1, 1921.   The club has grown and shrunk in membership over the years, but the mission has always been the same...Service Before Self.  Today we celebrated these 25 men and all the Rotarians who came after them.  We were joined by our DG Craig Burnett and ADG Tim Crawford. In addition, we welcomed John Frost (name sound familiar???) to his first Rotary meeting. We are grateful to have Gateway Technical College back as a Corporate member and look forward to meeting the other GTC members. This isn't quite how we anticipated this celebration to be, but as with all things COVID...we had a change in plans.  Members participated in a a Rotary History Trivia game as well as Get Too Know Your Fellow Rotarians - 2 Truths and a Lie. President Lisa was our game show host. Tom Frost, whose great grandpa was one of our charter members 100 years ago, was the big winner of the Trivia contest!  
Here are a couple of the questions, see how you do:
1. Who was our club's first President?
2. What year was Polio Plus launched to immunize the world's children against polio?
3. Who was the very first president of Rotary?
Enjoy some photos of members past & present....