Tara Panasewicz of United Way of Kenosha County 

Tara Panasewicz is very new to United Way as the CEO. They fight for the health, financial, and stability with local partners. What they do is they get together and discuss critical needs in Kenosha areas in order to address programming and solve problems. For example, there was a need within Kenosha Unified for reading scores to be increased. They brought in tutors and trained the tutors in order to work with students to increase their reading levels. They will be in three additional elementary schools which in turn, they are looking for more tutors. There is also a need for kindergarteners to be ready for school when then go to school. Imagination Library is a program that provides free age appropriate books from birth to five years old. It is one book a month mailed to the home for the children. There are tips in the back of the books for comprehension to help the children comprehend the books. They are currently fundraising to bring this program to Kenosha. If you can spare a half an hour a week to read to a child, please contact Tara at (262)671-2207 or tpanasewicz@kenoshaunitedway.org.