Rabbi Dena Feingold - Passover 

Rotary was also honored today to have Rabbi Dena Feingold Temple Beth Hillel as our speaker. She has been in Kenosha since 1985 and shared that her father was,  and her brother is a Rotarian.  Rabbi grew up with Rotary! She came to talk to us about Passover, which begins Friday. She shared the history behind removing Chametz (leavening) from  their  homes and diet during the 7 days of Passover. The holiday begins with a Seder meal on Friday evening.  Whoever is hosting has a special plate with 5 or 6 spots for holding the symbolic items:  Bitter herbs, shank bone, roasted egg, an apple/nut mixture and parsley greens.  Wine is also symbolic during the Seder meal. She shared all the other traditions and symbolism around Passover. She stated that Passover is a hopeful holiday,  celebrating  their freedom from slavery and oppression and the hope that no one will experience that again.  
Thank you Rabbi Feingold!