Our speakers today are from the Kenosha Sportfishing and Conservation Association, Jim Zondlac, Jerry Costabile - President, and Lynn Davis Treasurer. Jim shared a video of the Pike River Clean up, which they are the major sponsor and thanked our club for their sponsorship and for the volunteers that helped with clean up.  Stated that our rivers are a sanctuary and it is essential to keep them free of debris/garbage. Stated 1200 yards of trash have been pulled out including 165 tires, mattress springs, TVs, water tank, and oil containers (thankfully with caps on so they did not contaminate!!). Jim also shared the KSFCA's involvement with the life rings and how they will assist with education in the schools in May. They shared the goals for Conservation and restoration of our rivers and specifically the Pike River - Estuary Project and the Rearing Ponds. They offer Kids Fish-N-Fun, Fly Tying Classes, Tournaments, Fish Fry's and more.  Please consider a membership - only $30 annually!!