Dr. Arvind Ahuja,  a board certified Neurosurgeon at Froedtert South,  spoke to us today about about several neurological issues, their warning signs and treatments.  Aneurysms are found in 2% of the population. They are a weakening of a blood vessel, forming a bubble and are only around 7-8 mm in size. They will cause you the worst HA of your life and if ruptures, 1/3 will die, 1/3 will get to the hospital and still die and 1/3 will survive. There is a familial tendency, is more prominent in men than women and more common in ages 65-75. CT or MRI will diagnose. Best treatment is to clip off the aneurysm.  Stroke symptoms should not be ignored: loss of vision, can't move one side of your body, speech issues, facial drooping, numbness...having symptoms, seek help right away. Blood thinners can be given right away, if patient meets criteria, that can lessen the effects of the stroke.  Smoking, diet, high blood pressure, genetics all play a role. FAST=911 (Facial droop-Arm Weakness-Speech Difficulty-Time to Call 911). Stents can now be placed anywhere for blockages. If you have Atrial Fib, there is a procedure that can now be done called Watchmaker which places a device in atrium of the heart to avoid clots to form. Low Back Pain - there is a new treatment now, if you meet criteria. Using a scope, you can clip the nerve causing the lower back pain and go home the same day.  90% success rate.  Dr. Ahuja reminded us that the best thing to do is to stay on top of your health and get your yearly physical.  Thank you Dr. Ahuja!